Interestingly, Not All Sugar Daddies Want A Sexual Or Intimate Relationship

He normally has a different name however he’s gone by “Jones” twice now. I block him without responding each time, although he today employed different techniques to converse with me. But then he played his sugar child hand and I blocked.

The scammer stopped calling finally, but he nonetheless finds me on homosexual courting apps, largely Grindr, with the identical story. He’s some wealthy man in search of a sugar child to spoil.


Afterwards, he threatened to name law enforcement on me if I did not buy him 10 iTunes present cards adding to $1,000.00. I immediately cancelled and locked my credit card account. He continues to be threatening to blame me for fraud after no agreements have been made in the beginning.

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I’d had 2k in debt that he took care of immediately! But that’s when he started asking, and asking, and asking for iTunes reward cards. He would usually ignore my protests and steamroll over something I mentioned.

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After I refused to ship him the gift playing cards he told me to ship cash by way of western union which I also refused. In addition to the easier “it is a scam” answers, a part of the sugar daddy arrangement is control. If the sugar daddy would seeking arragment not get what he wants, he ought to have control of the sugar baby account to take again his cash or re-assert management. This ranges from controlling the financial institution accounts to having management of credit cards or paying hire.

A sugar daddy going by “Jones” contacted me on Kik. He badgered me for my account log in for my financial institution and, being naive and determined for cash for myself and my then-boyfriend, I agreed. He paid off my credit card in one sweeping transaction.

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Soon he reloaded the card with debt by doing a money withdrawal to my checking account, he then demanded I send the cash with a wiring service to “assist pay his workers” who desperately needed the money. I tried to do this, blinded by my desperation, however he wire transfer repeatedly failed. Spooked, I canceled the switch and called my financial institution’s fraud division. I blocked him and his quantity however he continued to name me from completely different numbers.

He’s just part of my expertise on apps now, I suppose. After being on a sugar daddy app, I contacted a guy and he requested me how much I wished my allowance. After I gave him my credit card login information. He willingly made a fee of $2,350.00 without my permission.

The fraud division changed all my account numbers and my log in. Enraged, he threatened to name the police on me for stealing his money. I filed a report with the police online, however never heard back. A couple days later his original fee to my account bounced, and I all of a sudden owed my financial institution 5000 dollars. My bank sorted it out, however it was a scary two days.