The makers of your antivirus program known as Avast have been completely up in hands ever since that they found out that they were being altered. It was a big surprise to see their website go down for days then when it came back online there was a communication saying that the servers had been hacked.

The Avast hackers used this kind of opportunity to access personal info from Avast server. The hackers were able to steal info like emails, names, periods of entry into the world, passwords, IP addresses and even usernames. The hacker surely could pass this info on to other folks. This is what led to the Avast webpage still dropping.

If you are pondering how the Avast website managed to stay up after being hacked then it was because it is web hosting service held its storage space and all of their files. The hackers then changed these types of files produce their in the past to Avast. This was as soon as when their servers had been compromised and their website went down. The moment Avast’s web page came back for the hackers begin to take advantage of the circumstances again. The Avast web-site was once again under hackers control within minutes.

Avast, the maker for the popular anti virus program called AVG, surely could keep the online hackers at bay if you take precautions. The hackers possessed no way of accessing Avast servers as the company’s computers were pretty much all protected. These people were so assured about this that they did not take the time to change the contents of the database. As soon as the hackers had use of the database, they were allowed to change the contents of Avast’s databases which meant that that they could today access Avast’s confidential info.

Even though Avast placed their server online hackers were not able to take it off the net. Their sources were being maintained and placed and hence these were able to continue their actions and pursue to get access to personal data. Avast would take safeguards to prevent further attacks but, it is the provider who is responsible for keeping the website safe.

In decision, the online hackers were only able to manage Avast’s database after their servers were breached. Since this attack was so key, the website was able to remain over the internet long enough meant for the online hackers to change the elements of the repository. It is the responsibility of Avast to keep their server protect.