The G stands for world wide use that supports all languages.

So when you incorporate a 7961G cell phone, you should insert it as a standard 7961 phone. CP-7961G-GE is another IP cellphone with two gigabit Ethernet ports (ten/100/1000). If IP phone 7961G is extra as 7961G-GE, it does not sign up with Cisco CallManager. Disable DHCP and DNS to Examination a Cell phone. Your cellular phone can exhibit one of these messages:DNS Error or Configuring IP. Configuring CM List. You can effortlessly establish if you have a faulty cellular phone or a defective configuration.

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Reset the phone to the factory default configuration, and then challenging code all the required what is my ip IP parameters into the phone. This removes the risk of DHCP and DNS difficulties. Note: If probable, connect the cellphone to an IP subnet on which other telephones function ordinarily. Use the exact TFTP server IP tackle and default router IP handle that the practical phones use. Refer to Resetting 7900 Series IP Telephones to Factory Defaults for data on how to reset your cellular phone configuration to the primary manufacturing unit defaults. Manually configure the IP parameters on a cellular phone. For the Cisco 79xx:To unlock the telephone, enter the **# critical sequence. Note: You need to reboot the 7910 to finish the unlock of the community configurations. Choose Configurations , and choose 6 (Community). Scroll down to DHCP Enabled , and pick No . Scroll up and enter a static IP address in the TFTP server industry. Note: Use the numbers on the keypad to enter the IP addresses. Use the “*” critical for the “. ” between the sections of the IP addresses. Configure the IP deal with/mask, Default Router 1, and any other IP parameters that you need. Choose Conserve when you finish. For the Cisco 12 S.

and the 30 VIP:Press * * to show the status. As the status shows, press # . The keypad configuration seems. The concept Push one to disable DHCP or # to skip appears. Enter the cellphone IP tackle, with asterisks instead of intervals. For case in point, enter ten**ten*one hundred* . Enter the subnet mask, with asterisks in its place of durations. For case in point, enter 255*255*255** . Enter the IP deal with of the default gateway/router, with asterisks as an alternative of intervals. For example, enter ten**10** . Enter the IP deal with of the DNS server, with asterisks as an alternative of intervals. For illustration, enter ten**10** . Type the IP deal with of the TFTP server, with asterisks instead of periods. For instance, enter 10***a hundred* . The concept Push * to exit, or 1 to disable DHCP seems. The cell phone plans the new data into flash memory and resets.

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This disables DHCP. See the Manually Configure the IP Parameters on a twelve SP or thirty VIP Cellphone area of this document for facts on how to set the IP parameters on a Cisco 12 SP or 30 VIP cell phone. On the Cisco CallManager server, check out to be specified that the regional host information map the appropriate Cisco CallManager server name to the IP address. Refer to Configuring The IP Hosts File on a Home windows 2000 CallManager Server for additional details. In Cisco CallManager Administration, decide on Process > Server to verify that the server IP tackle appears (and not the server DNS identify). In this window, you have to have to modify the DNS name kormakur to the IP handle of the server.

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